Online Bets vs Betting Systems: 10 reasons to succeed in the election

It's undeniable that online sports betting is booming. The world of betting is a business that moves millions of dollars a year. Many websites already offer the possibility of betting on any type of sport event: number of corners, highest scorers of the match, number of yellow cards, if the boxer will win by KO, and thus an almost endless list.
On the other hand are the betting systems that contain a certain number of matches whose objective is to predict the final result. The betting systems have been for many years the only legal method of betting in many countries of the world.
But what is the cause of this increase in online sports betting compared to traditional betting systems? These can be some of the key factors:

1. The novelty

Many players or gamblers have switched to online bets because they are a relatively recent phenomenon and are a breath of fresh air compared to betting systems that have been around for quite some time. Entering in the world of online bets is like feeling a new opportunity for success. But don't forget that both coexist and you must choose the one that best suits the needs of the bettor. The betting websites have been doing aggressive advertising campaigns for a long time and many bettors want to try their luck after many years without great results in the betting systems.

2. Welcome bonus

To attract new bettors, and it seems to work, betting websites offer substantial welcome gifts. Everything looks good except when the conditions are read in order to use the welcome bonus. And the amounts of money that are given in the welcome bonuses is increasing because this is a race to see who gets to attract the largest number of customers. This is seen especially in the new betting websites, which have to fight against the great appeal of the most veteran. It's advisable to read these conditions carefully before agreeing to be a part of that website. Some users are jumping from web to web. This isn't a good strategy in the long run.

3. Difficulty and revenue

Betting systems are more complicated to guess right. It's all because they contain a large group of sporting events. Betting systems have between 7 and 15 sporting events at the same time. You must guess more than 75 percent of matches to get a prize. The benefit of prizes increases as the successes of the sporting events increase. Online bets seem to be easier since they allow betting from a single sporting event. But the prizes are very small compared to those obtained in the systems. If you want to get more reward you have to play higher odds or more sporting events.

4. Prizes and collection guarantee

In both cases, public administrations impose many legal requirements. If there is money in between, it's important to have a thorough control of it. It's also interesting to know who wins and what wins.
The big prizes obtained in the betting systems, in general, are huge and can be obtained in a single game session. The guarantee of collection is totally reliable because it's guaranteed by public or private institutions of recognized identity. The amount of the prize can be obtained in a short time with reasonable identification requirements.
On the contrary, it's practically impossible for an online bettor to obtain a return at the same level of the betting systems. Only the great tipsters obtain a relative profitability after applying sustained strategies over time and specializing in a specific sporting aspect. The guarantee of payment varies enormously from one betting website to another. While some are relatively reliable others invite you to flee as soon as possible from there. Transferring funds is an odyssey for the amount of official papers that must be filled out.

5. User satisfaction

Dissatisfaction is usually a widespread occurrence in both betting systems and online betting. The truth is that many fans come to this world with little or no preparation. It's normal to find millions of gamblers disappointed by the lack of success bet after bet. Losses always outweigh the gains in more than 95% of users. As losing is contrary to the expectations of any player, frustration arises. This leads to a desire to recover what was lost immediately, which forces us to invest again. Logically, the new investment continues to generate losses. This situation is repeated until compromise seriously the player's economy. That's why it's easy to find players who end up with severe anxiety crises and gambling addiction problems.
The satisfaction of expert players is always moderate because it requires a lot of work or tactics that are not available to new players. In online betting you should have a lot of luck and a deep knowledge of the sport. In betting systems arise groups of players that add effort to counteract the difficulty of hitting with such low probability of success.

6. Business infrastructure

In the world of betting, taking advantage of the weakness of inexperienced players, many companies have emerged that want to make business easy without the proper infrastructure. Transparent and honest companies with their clients are scarce. However, in both cases, they are doing business and the businesses are aimed at making money. If there are bets, it's because public or private institutions make money with them. Legality serves to maintain the appearance that everything is controlled and regulated. Playing and betting should always be done in a climate of trust and tranquility. If I bet and lose, I accept my loss. If I win, the company must respectfully accept the player's profit and pay responsibly.

7. Vision of the future

Sports betting is a phenomenon that is constantly increasing. There are more and more people attracted to this sector. The statistical data reaffirm this growth process. Some companies are already imitating the casinos because they are placing their betting offer on the street next to the citizens. New game alternatives also begin to appear, expanding the offer of bets through extra-sport events. Other websites have copied the freemium model of many video games. They allow to play without real money and they monetize the offer through advertising or by allowing the player to buy items with which he can later bet. We must recognize that it is good to bring new airs to this world. World gambling companies must be increasingly clear that the first thing is the customer and their satisfaction.

8. Communication and transparency

The betting systems and online bets don't show a total transparency regarding their economic situation. In general, any company doesn't openly show its financial situation. Why is this so important? Because the company has to respond economically about bets of its clients. The betting systems are more reliable because they are never distributed more than what is collected and in many cases the organizing entity is the State itself. Although a company must earn money, the State obtains its percentage of profit from the proceeds. There are rumors of mergers between large companies in the sports bets sector.

9. Union make the force

The world of betting lacks global regulation. In some countries it's allowed and in others it's categorically prohibited.
Internet allows electronic commerce internationally. We are moving towards an increasingly global world. It's not understood that, in the same way, you cannot bet in other country than your own. International trade generates wealth. International tourism generates wealth. The real problem is the control of that wealth. The States are jealous that taxes of those purchases don't go to another country. Control to avoid uncontrol. There are no international agreements that allow the activity of betting in a framework of monetary stability and control.
Another situation is the constant violation of user rights. The bettor is the true protagonist of this story. Bettors from all over the world should join forces. So far there is no movement, company or organization that coordinates all bettors worldwide. The union make the force. Bettors of the world! Join all together!

10. Become a millionaire

There is no one who has become a millionaire with online bets. However, there are millionaires among those who play betting systems. In online betting your win depends on some odds and the amount of money you bet on them. In betting systems, the win depends on the number of hits. An online bettor could become millonaire after a long time and a lot of success. A bettor of systems in a short time with much success.


The world of betting is a subject not without controversy. However, whatever our preference (Online bets or Betting systems) we can draw some conclusions:

  • TECHNOLOGY IS VITAL: To bet is to risk. Nobody has a magic wand. Who has more knowledge risk less. It is more successful who has more luck or who have more powerful analytical tools. We are in the XXI century and you cannot continue writing by hand when you have a computer. In the future, technology will give us the advantage we need. Powerful APPS are already underway for the complicated task of betting and winning.

  • NEED TO BET WITH RESPONSIBLY: Don't play more money than you are willing to lose. The game by definition is fun. But betting money carries a sense of loss. We lose something valuable and logically we hope to recover something valuable. Bet with responsibility.

  • ADVISING AND STRATEGY: Going into an unknown world should be done with caution. Betting without a plan is like entering a jungle without food, water, map, etc. We can not get into the complex world of sports betting without proper training. People who want to invest in stock market can take several months or years to plan personal strategies and operate in simulation mode before contacting a broker and doing real operations. Why should a bettor take it so lightly? It's advisable to start with online betting services that offer risk-free gameplay. And when you have enough knowledge of the sector, take the leap to a safe website with risk. If possible, follow the advice of an expert. This is certainly more complicated. This world is full of false "gurus" that, at times, are hooks to attract adepts.

Dear bettor. Good luck with your predictions.