In our childhood we have all played some time to guess a number. With great innocence we proposed to our friends to find a number from 1 to 10. We made it easy. What memories! Although if we wanted to create a more interesting or complicated puzzle we increased the interval, for example, between 1 and 100. The fact is that guessing a number becomes more complicated as larger is the range of numbers to chose. Over time, the game evolved into more serious event. What happen if we collect money to participate in the riddle? And what happen if the one who succeeds gets a big reward for getting it right? This is how the lottery came about.

Throughout history we have witnessed great prizes distributed among participants. Sometimes modest prizes. At other times true fortunes. With these data does not take us much effort to let fly our imagination. Could I participate? What would happen if I were one of the winners with the prize? How many things could you do with that prize?

But lottery is just numbers. Playing it can be repetitive and boring. So gambling organizers realized that by substituting the lottery for the uncertain sports results it would increased the competitive spirit, would increased the money income, the prizes could be more numerous and it would increased the general interest of the players. Today, betting is one of the most rising and most controversial businesses. The level of participation is soaring to levels never before known. There is a great hobby that in some cases can become addiction. You have to play with mental clarity. You have to enjoy the game. And, as in all sports, you have to know how to win and lose. But the opportunity to make "easy" money is there.


Let's dream a little. What would happen if we could reduce the interval of numbers to guess? No doubt the probability of guessing would increase. It would also increase the possibility of obtaining prizes. This is fantastic because we want is to get a prize! We like to win. The question we all ask ourselves. It's possible? Yes, of course it is possible. But how? Simple. If we manage to eliminate improbable situations we do not reduce the range of possibilities but we eliminate elements of the interval which would be the same as reducing the range of possibilities. To understand it better let us give an example. It is unlikely that in a set of sports matches all home teams win, or that all teams lose. These are unlikely situations that are into the range of possibilities. If we eliminate them will we be more probabilities to guess? Yes, exactly!

Well this is great. Let's start eliminating unlikely situations. This is called removing by conditions or filter under conditions. That's what our Maximum1X2 software does. Many players are unaware that this possibility of play would give them a spectacular advantage in their bets.

Let's dream a little more. What would happen if we decreased the improbable to the point that the remaining possibilities were acceptable to bet and in them is finded the winning result? Prize! Maximum1X2 has been created with the idea of offering conditions and tools that nullify the improbable and leave onlythe probable.


Take the case of 14 sports matches to 1X2. Applying mathematical statistics we have a total of 4,782,969 possible cases. We apply a condition that count the number of draw matches, the number of matches lost or both. If we condition and suppose that there will be no more than 12 matches with draw or lost match, that there be at most between 1 and 11 draw matches and that there will be a maximum of between 1 and 9 matches lost, provided we think that this assumption is true we will eliminated 570,397 of improbable cases. That's almost 12% of the total. Now we would not be with a total of almost 5 million cases, on the contrary we have 4,212,572 cases. Does it seem little? Not at all. We have automatically discounted countless bets that will not give us money. Maximum1X2 does the calculation automatically and almost instantly. Surprising? No! It is simply computerized technology applied to gambling.

Maximum1X2 count signs condition

Each player has the power to be more aggressive in delimitate the parameters of each condition to further reduce the improbable cases. But being too aggressive can eliminate the probable and this would lead to losing the prize. With Maximum1X2 and being balanced in our conditions we can increase a lot our advantage.


Maximum1X2 wants to go beyond everything that exists so far. We want to offer an application available to anyone and whose tools will eliminate the improbable cases to unsuspected limits and make betting is almost a "game of children."

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