We are in the year 2017. It dawns and, although everything indicates that it is a new day, nobody imagines what is about to arise.

The world is becoming more and more technological. Start the unstoppable race towards the robotization of humanity. The drones are already beginning to be more abundant than the birds in the sky. Flying cars are about to take off from homes. The speed at which the information travels through the networks is hyperaccelerated. The local commerce with thousands of customers is modernized becoming online reaching millions of users. Everything is globalized. Information is power, it is traded and the third world revolution is already a fact.

We can not and should not lose control. The software is the control of robotic automatisms. Applications are the only authentic power of both information flow and mechanization. Applications grow exponentially. More and more men and women control their lives and their desires with the applications. There is one application for each task and one for each type of routine. If the man invents or discovers a new activity... Surely soon there will be an application to manage it.

At the edge of the sea the sun begins to illuminate... the beach is empty and I deposit between billions of grains of sand a small diamond. It looks like another granite of sand more... However, only the one who looks closely will discover the sparkles and nuances that fill it with incalculable value. What makes it special? This diamond is a new application that is born and is immersed among millions of applications that already exist.

Not long ago the streets of my city have begun to fill with venues that offer the possibility of living the sport from a new vision. Support your favorite player. Bet on your team. But few are fortunate enough to predict the future right. The prize is tempting and the odds are slim. You have to try again and again. And we think... maybe this time have more luck. A routine is born... a tempting task... an extraordinary and unattainable challenge... Well, almost unreachable so far.

Our little diamond, like a grain of sand, that's there... for you... it's Maximum1X2. A software ahead of time. A new application, that if you manage with talent, will give you a lot of fun... a new life... time for what you want... a trip to your unreachable dreams...

Maximum1X2, a new application for you to control your future.